EN 50119

Railway applications – Fixed installations – Electric traction overhead contact lines

EN 50121

Railway applications – Electromagnetic compatibility

EN 50122 Series

Railway applications–Fixed Installations – Electrical safety, earthing and the return circuit

EN 50125-2

Railway applications – Environmental conditions for equipment Part 2: Fixed electrical installations

EN 50126

Railway applications – The specification and demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)”

EN 50152 Series

Railway applications-Fixed Installations – AC Switchgear

EN 50163

Railway applications-Supply voltages of traction systems

EN 50329

Railway applications-Fixed Installations – Traction Transformers

EN 50367

Railway applications – Current collection systems – Technical criteria for the interaction between pantograph and overhead line (to achieve free access)

IEC 60076 Series

Power Transformers

TSI Energy

TSI Energy


TSI Safety in Railway Tunnels
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